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After the Echo
Russ Clagett

A Survival Guide For Police & Military Snipers
Russ Clagett, Foreword by ON KILLING author Dave Grossman

A rare look into the world of a police sniper who takes you on a gut-wrenching
and frightening true story about the worst part of his job…taking a shot!


    Written with intensity and sincerity, Russ Clagett tells a true a story of a police sniper who shoots to save a brother officer, and then nearly loses everything himself.

    The book begins with the gritty details of a callout that ends with a fatal shooting. But that is just the beginning of the story. In his own refreshing, personal, and straightforward way, Clagett takes you on an unbelievable post-shooting journey that is entertaining, compelling, and frightening. He shares his feelings, his fears, his remorse, and his pride as he describes each step of the path from the initial callout to the Grand Jury appearance that almost charged him with murder.

Along the way he offers sage advice that only someone who has been there can give: lessons for equipment, training, supervision, and your own personal survival. This story is about one sniper in one incident, but it speaks to every police officer who carries a badge and a gun to work. It was written for every man and woman who will ever be confronted with the need to use deadly force. It is a book that will make you think, and that you will not forget.
It will prepare you to survive!

    "After the Echo" is available directly from Verro Press -  www.varropress.com

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Heads or Tails
Lisa Monique Joseph

 Taken hostage during the infamous "Goodguys" incident

Lisa Joseph's book  "Heads or Tails" may be ordered directly from her web site at www.hostagegirl.com

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The Art of the Police Sniper
by Derrick D. Bartlet


Snipercraft: The Art Of The Police Sniper is a significant resource text for the professional Police Sniper. Derrick Bartlett has written an excellent, practical and very insightful book that is a must read for those agencies and officers charged with the tactical mission. These are the truths known through snipers eyes to police specialists in the field, doing the job. This information is for every police officer, team leader, tactical commander and police administrator who wants to benefit from the insight gained and lessons learned through actual field experiences and from those in the arena.

Snipercraft:The Art Of The Police Sniper,  is available directly from www.snipercraft.org