Course Description

We have been training police snipers since 1990 and have graduated over 800 operational law enforcement students.  Their service has made a difference.

While we strive to impart the fundamentals, we  continually evaluate practical contemporary information, techniques, tactics and technology available to incorporate into our training programs. We teach with a no nonsense approach focused on what works in the field.   As of June 1st, 2008 all of our courses are sniper simulator based curriculums.

Paper targets have been increasingly replaced with cutting edge live-fire judgment simulations.  This scenario based video training is as close to reality as it gets.  Real images of people, moving and involved in actual tactical situations.

Given the job our students are being asked to do - they deserve nothing less.

Recent comments from a police snipers attending  our classes -

"I thought I was ready for a real shooting until this course....after this course I  know I am ready now...and how ready I wasn't before the course" 
Port St. Lucie Florida

"It was just like that... (the simulator)... when I took my shot... I was made all the difference - thank you"
Franklin Mass

"A fantastic tool for police snipers...this will save lives"
Camp Hill PA

Descriptions are being updated

 Basic Police Sniper
 In-Service Police Sniper
 Advanced Police Sniper
 In-Service Police Sniper Instructor
 Urban Police Sniper
Advanced Simulator Police Sniper
 Cold Weather Police Sniper
 Swat / Sniper Supervisor - Team Leader