Course Description

We have been training police snipers since 1990 and have graduated over 1000 operational law enforcement students.  Their service has made a difference.

While we strive to impart the fundamentals, we  continually evaluate practical contemporary information, techniques, tactics and technology available to incorporate into our training programs. We teach with a no nonsense approach focused on what works in the field.   Given the job our students are being asked to do - they deserve nothing less.

Recent comments from a police snipers attending  our classes -

"I thought I was ready for a real shooting until this course....after this course I  know I am ready now...and how ready I wasn't before the course" 
Port St. Lucie Florida

" When I took my shot... I was made all the difference - thank you"
Franklin Mass

"Crosshairs training... will save lives"
Camp Hill PA

Descriptions are being updated

 Basic Police Sniper
 In-Service Police Sniper
 Advanced Police Sniper
 In-Service Police Sniper Instructor
 Urban Police Sniper
 Cold Weather Police Sniper
 Swat / Sniper Supervisor - Team Leader

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