The American Sniper Association

The American Sniper Association is American based, but is open internationally to anyone meeting the membership criteria.

If you are interested in joining the Association, print a copy of the application, fill it out, and submit it with the $20 registration fee, along with a copy of your agency identification credentials.  Military applications should include a copy of appropriate training certificates.

You will receive a membership card, certificate, and a subscription to SNIPER, our quarterly newsletter.  Members will be eligible to purchase logo apparel, and will be given special rates to attend ASA sponsored training events and competitions.

Membership is limited to active police, corrections and military personnel only.  No exceptions.

The American Sniper Association is a nonprofit organization, incorporated in the State of Florida.  No part of ASA funds are used in any way to inure to the benefit of, or be distributed to its members, officers or other persons, as set forth in Article IX of the Association by-laws.

Purpose:  The mission of the American Sniper Association is to enhance the image, abilities, proficiency and safety of the professional tactical sniper through education, support and information sharing.  The Association seeks to further these goals by:

  •  Giving special operations snipers and support personnel a secure community to join. 
  •  Identifying and addressing the needs of the tactical sniper. 
  •  Providing a repository for accurate, collective sniper knowledge, experience and data, as well as providing a closed network for sharing the information. 
  •  Publishing a national newsletter, giving members a venue to discuss ideas, concerns and lessons learned. 
  •  Sponsoring, endorsing and promoting high quality sniper training events. 
  •  Testing and objectively evaluating new equipment produced for snipers. 
  •  Working to establish national standards of proficiency and performance to be used by sniper, supervisors and administrators to evaluate training and operational readiness. 
Membership  is strictly limited to active police, corrections and military personnel only. 


  A Message from the Vice President:

Dear fellow Professional,

This is an open letter to all professional law enforcement, corrections and parallel military snipers who have not yet heard of the American Sniper Association  - ASA.

This Association was founded in April of 2000 by a core group of teaching professionals who have dedicated themselves to the Police Sniper community.   The ASA is endorsed by Centermass Inc., Snipercraft® Inc., Snipersonline and Crosshairs® Inc.

The ASA is a non-profit association with the expressed purpose of enhancing the image, abilities, proficiency and safety of the professional tactical sniper through education, support, and information sharing.

When you join the ASA you'll be part of a secure professional community and receive the following benefits to name just a few;

  •  Membership Card and Certificate of Membership. 
  • The ASA quarterly newsletter, -Sniper-, for information sharing and training opportunities.
  •  The opportunity to join the secure -Snipersonline- e-mail group for collecting and disseminating sensitive operational information from a vast pool of fellow professionals. 
  • A professional resource providing facts, figures, tactics, and training information relating to the professional tactical sniper. 
Though the Association will not directly provide training, it will sponsor, endorse and promote courses and events that it feels are of the highest quality and are presented by reputable organizations with objectives compatible with the Association's.

The American Sniper Association is designed to provide snipers everywhere with a collective voice, enabling them to address administrators, manufacturers, and trainers as a unified body. The ASA has national standards of proficiency and performance for the professional police sniper community.

We predict that the ASA will do for the professional police sniper community what the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) has done for the tactical community in general.

If you are a professional operational sniper, or former student or associate of any Crosshairs® Police Sniper course, early NHPS&TC Police Sniper schools, or attendee of the North American Police Sniper Summit, I strongly encourage you join this Association. 

This is your Association and your involvement and participation is crucial take a minute to sign up or visit the ASA web site at   Welcome to the community!"


Edward F.  Gross

American Sniper Association Directors:

  • Derrick D. Bartlett   President 
  • Edward F. Gross    Vice President 
  • Richard D. Morey    Director 
  • Brian Sain    Director 
  • Bob Lewis    Director 
  • Julie Bartlett   Business Manager