Law Enforcement Scoped Rifle Training
          Cold Weather Police Sniper

A three-day course designed for in-service training specifically for officers who are currently operating in cold weather environments. It is suitable for all levels of experience however officers should have attended at least one recognized basic police sniper class or in-service training class of five days duration or more.  Students can expect training time of approximately 22-24 hours.

Most officers are prepared for conditions in most tactical situations. In the case of cold weather operations, lack of preparation and knowledge of operating in these environments can be a mission stopper. You may not be able to “get indoors”…what then?

Cold can render an officer ineffective, jeopardize the tactical mission or result in cold weather injuries or worse. When was the last time you trained in cold conditions or are you a fair weather operator?  What will happen to your zero’s…your equipment…your tactics?  Are you prepared to survive, prevail and finish the mission?

This cold weather course focuses on that knowledge, equipment and tactics that will enable the sniper student to effectively:

Training topics include:
-Planning & preparation   -Operational considerations
-Mental and physical conditioning -Proper Camouflage selection
-Hide selection    -Mission Stoppers
-Prevention of cold weather injuries -Recognizing & preventing hypothermia
-Physiological response to cold  -Fieldcraft and movement
-Equipment selection     -Maintenance of the Sniper Rifle system

Shooting exercises for this school are designed for the bolt action law enforcement rifle equipped with telescopic sight adjustable for elevation and windage capable of grouping 1 MOA (1” at 100 yds) or less.

The cost is $595 per individual. Please remit purchase order, check or money order along with entry application payable to Crosshairs, Inc., 260 Hurricane Rd., Keene, NH. 03431.   One application per student please (application may be copied). Pre-register by calling (603) 357-2604.   Registration forms are available on our webpage –

Department letterhead authorizing attendance for each student is required from the Chief of Police or Agency Director.  Students are responsible for their own ammunition, transportation, meals, and lodging arrangements.  Crosshairs Inc. and any host agency are not responsible for any expenses incurred in the event the training is canceled for any reason.

PLEASE NOTE all applications and tuition/ PO must be received prior to beginning of class.
Registration Fee covers tuition, comprehensive classroom manual, and all classroom and range materials. Confirmation will be sent upon receipt of application and tuition.

EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS: NOTE: 120 match grade duty ammo required



Ed Gross is a recognized law enforcement consultant in the area of precision shooting and police sniping. A 30 year veteran of police work he had provided instruction on police sniping to over 800 police snipers from a broad spectrum of law enforcement agencies throughout the country and internationally.  He’s been involved in heavy barrel rifle marksmanship since 1982, and tactical police operations since 1987.  He holds a BA from Franklin Pierce College, numerous instructor certifications in police sniping, and awards for precision shooting. He is a recipient of the “Distinguished Rifleman Badge” awarded by the US Army for excellence in competition at the national level and is the 1141st civilian to earn this distinction since 1891.

Gross served as an adjunct instructor for the S&W and SIG Arms Academy, specializing in the Advanced Tactical Scoped Rifle Training programs.  He’s the managing Director of Crosshairs, Inc., a training corporation created to provide professional sniper training for law enforcement community.  He currently serves as Vice-president of the American Sniper Association; a non-profit law enforcement organization dedicated to the professional development of law enforcement snipers.