Basic Police Sniper 
April 24-28, 2017
Ferrybrook Range
Keene, NH

Urban  Police Sniper
    May 22-24, 2017 
Cheshire County NH

Basic Police Sniper 
                October 23-27, 2017                  Ferrybrook Range
Keene, NH

Cold Weather Police Sniper
Dec 5-7, 2017
Ferrybrook Range
Keene NH 

Serving the Professional 
Police Sniper since 1990
Mission Statement

Crosshairs expressed goal is to conduct the highest quality training available for police specialists.. 

Our courses are designed to impart an intensive and realistic education which will instill the confidence necessary to perform as highly effective and efficient professional law enforcement sniper/observers.

Since 1990 Crosshairs has trained over 1000 Law Enforcement snipers in traditional classes from every area of the country. 

Their service has made a difference in the lives of many.

  "Our training is by police snipers for police snipers 
- training to save lives"

American Sniper Association - ASA


260 Hurricane Rd., Keene, NH. 03431   (603) 313-6949